What Next? Time Will Tell…

As the calendar year comes to a close, looking ahead to tomorrow’s sunrise in my mind, I cannot see, with clarity, how vagoscribe will look.  Truth is, I am tired.  That might be understandable considering that this year was the most “successful” year of the website, when tallying page views.  Facebook and Twitter are partly responsible for that, along with joining a few mountain biking forums.  Add in that I had some writings make it to print in magazines and on e-zines, with one or two more slated for 2012, and there is little question that things are looking good with regard to my writings being received by a larger audience.

I am truly thankful for all of this.  To each of you that take the time to read any of what I have written here, I thank you.  The support over the years has been unexpected, and because of that, it has been most rewarding when I sit back and reflect on the idea I had back in 1997 to put pen to paper and share with my hometown what I was experiencing in Manto.

To 2012 and whatever it may hold…

Peace and love to you,


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