Gorilla(ed) Times on the Flooded Wabash River

To the chagrin of the American economy, local bike shop owners and online discount stores, I decided to forego buying a new set of pedals and instead went with Gorilla Glue-ing the Time that broke.  My reasoning went along the lines of something like:  one pedal is still good, it would only be a fifty percent needed investment, and why not take the ones off of the beater bike and put these on.  Oh…and the fact that the cleats that are in my shoes are rusted in, screws are stripped and there’s no way I can get them out!

All that led me to piecing the pedal back together and squeezing some big monkey magic onto the shattering point.   That was three days ago.  It seemed to work, so I mounted them onto the bike and went for a road ride this morning.

Fixed Time

I wanted to get some miles on my legs before three days of Michaux riding over the upcoming weekend.  I headed north from town in the direction of the flooded Wabash.

Corn Will Grow There, Beyond the Trees in the Foreground
The Wabash River, Looking North

I continued on to Prophetstown State Park.  The day was cold and bleak, but there were no winds, so the ride was warm.

Winter Prairie

To the back of the park, I went.  Then I pedaled back out to the front of the park, making my way back into town.

Corn Will Grow on the Other Side of the Access Road to a Local Park

Nearly back in town, the train was warming up, getting ready to roll north on the rails towards Chicago.

America Continues On

The pedal held up fine.  I clipped in and out multiple times during the ride without any noticeable difference from using the pedal when it was not glued together.

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