Rattlesnake Ridge Challenge, Truly

In the shrubby mountain vegetation a few feet away, the tell-tale sound of an eastern timber rattler shaking his charmer stopped us cold for a split second after clearing a big log pile.  Some words, a look at each other, and a frantic “let’s go” saved us from a possible venomous bite.  Prior to that, up on top of the ridge, the path through boulders the size of cars with V6 engines and houses built in pioneer days spiked the adrenaline level coursing through our veins.

The several hundred feet of trail on top is as gnarly, burly, and nasty as they come.  And then you drop off the ridge.

When we looked out and saw the sky beyond the ridge line, pedaling our front tires into the abyss before seeing the trail wind around below us, our stomachs grazing the bike seats, the adrenaline peaked.   I thought that would be the peak, anyway, unknowing of the rattler sitting below us.

Rattlesnake Ridge at Michaux is classic.  It’s all-mountain riding at its best, complete with boulder riding, hucks and drops (if you want those lines), and sharp edged rocks that’ll gash you.  The challenge still stands:  clean the whole thing, and you get a case of PA beer from me!  You choose.

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  1. Any PA beer?

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