Big Agnes, Sleep Well

Big Agnes arrived!  I’m going to sleep so well this weekend on a southern Indiana mtb getaway:  AHT and BCSP.  AHT is 24 miles of backcountry trail that sees few visitors of any kind.  The trail is tough to navigate.  Getting lost/turning back/bailing out is what happens to most riders.  That being said, some have completed it.  The mileage isn’t the concern as much as finding the route is.  Lucky for me, I’m going with someone that made it around once.  Recently opened up to mtbers, AHT might be a few years away from being a classic backwoods ride.

We’ll then ride BCSP.  Groomed like a prom date, complete with cropped coif, the trails there are all about turning pedals and swoopty-do-da joy riding, though Schooner can knock you down in a flash if you venture out on it and aren’t paying attention.


Big Agnes is here!


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