MTB and Tennis = Cross-Training?

I don’t know, but the grass is mowed and the wine has flowed, making a fine late Friday afternoon out of an otherwise ho-hum week.  Emmylou sings about a red dirt road.  I want to see her again.

The wet spring continues in Indiana.  Trails aren’t able to be ridden, so I’ve taken to a week of road riding on worn out 2.1s on ol’ yeller, along with some inline skating and tennis.  Tennis?  Yep.  I have no formal training with the sport, but I’ve found that it seems to work my leg muscles that don’t otherwise get worked by pedal revolutions.  In fact, I searched the interwebs for “biking and tennis cross-training” and learned that they are a nice compliment to each other.  Tennis, with quick bursts of speed and changing lateral directions, the stop-and-go, maybe allows for the strength needed to clear the rock garden???  Who knew?!

Inline skating through the prairie is another cross-training regimen of mine.  I like it.  Plus, the sky out there is big, a place for dreaming other dreams.  It’s windy too, usually, which is nice for letting things go…

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