LOViT on a Sunday Morning

I went to bed with a belly full of Prima Pils, My Antonia, lentils, whole wheat pasta, pesto, artichoke hearts, tuna and salmon.  My legs had 80 miles of Ozark mtb riding in them.  The thought was to get up in the morning and ride some of the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail, better known as LOViT, a newer hiking/biking trail that is not yet complete.

At the Denby Bay trailhead, I knew I had time to take a sport-paced ride to the Joplin trailhead some ten roundabout miles through the trees.  I wasn’t sure if my brain was ready for it.  I was leaning towards being mtb’ed out for the weekend.

When I clipped in and started down the trail, my legs were not happy with me.  They burned from the get-go, and it took a solid two miles before I felt like I was into some sort of groove.  By the time I made it over the Eagle Vista loop, which I didn’t take, I was pretty much done and was ready to get on the road back to Indiana.

LOViT was enjoyable, nonetheless.  The sections that I rode were an easy cross country roller of groomed singletrack.  The trail was well-marked at the various intersections and easy to navigate.  The plan is for it to be up around 40 miles when complete.  With Womble only a 25 minute drive away, the potential for 2 long trails so close together will hopefully be a boon for Mt. Ida.

Lake Ouachita, Arkansas


You can camp in the Denby Bay camping area that is a little west of the LOViT trailhead on 270.  Non-electrical units are $8, and electric-hookup ones are $12 for the night.

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