Ozarks Bound Again

The last time I was in the Ozarks to mountain bike, the Berryman sneaked up and bit me like a mildly toxic snake.  To begin with, I didn’t respect the 24 miles, if I’m being honest.  I didn’t eat much of a breakfast, which was a gas station muffin and coffee to go along with an energy bar and banana.  I hammered early, got turned around, didn’t hydrate and fuel up enough, and the next thing I knew a planned three hour ride turned into 4+ hours.

This time around, I’m giving the Arkansas Ozarks a lot of respect.  I’m eating well, got some good training miles in for this early in the season, and I’ve not imbibed in more than a week.  Still, by Sunday afternoon, I might well have been bit by an ol’ fat timber rattler that will swell me up big and black in the humble bone.

Berryman Trail

My Berryman experience:

Ozarkin’ Epic (click)


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