Missing Michaux

we used to rendevous 3-4 times a week

and now being 600 miles away, i’m lucky

if i get to be with you that many times a year


remember when i was a kid riding my

yellow ross with black sparkled banana

seat on your forest roads and trails


remember when i got my driver’s license

and was able to bike, hike, swim, camp

with you more and more and more


remember when i worked from home

and was able to come see you almost

any day of the week at any time


i miss those days, the way you

greeted me on chilly tuesday mornings

when no one else was around


i miss how some days you were sweet

and soft and how on other days you

were mean, tough and stubborn


i miss the feeling of contentedness i’d

feel after several hours with you, no

matter how you treated me that day


right now, i’m taking refuge in knowing

i’ll be with you in may and june for

long weekends of mountain biking love

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