KY MTB Road Trip

When the text came in asking if I wanted to make a day road trip to southeast Kentucky for some early season mountain biking, my immediate thought was “that’s a long haul.”  A few seconds later I thought, “some good mileage on the legs in Daniel Boone National Forest this early in the season would be great though.”  I deliberated the next 36 hours.

Friday morning the weatherinterwebs said it was going to be sunny and near 60 in Corbin, KY on Saturday.  I deliberated no more.  A text was sent saying I’d be Indy by 6:00 the next morning.

Eighteen point five hours after pulling out of the drive, I was pulling back into it. Five of those hours in between was passed on the trail, which made all the other hours of driving well worth it, for me.  Getting to ride 20 or so miles in shorts in February on gritty trails on the western edge of Appalachia at a casual pace was perfect for kicking off the 2011 riding season.

More Sandstone and Ice
Vanhook Falls, Daniel Boone N.F.

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