Beatin’ the Midwest Winter Blues

It’s cold, damp and dreary outside.  Snow still lays on the ground, with roadside gutters filled with slushy guck.  The sky is the same color as the shoveled-off pavement that now has a day-old dusting of mixed precipitation laying on it.  Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway:  the doldrums are alive.

Picking up a book is getting tiresome.  Exercising indoors isn’t good for my sense of smell.  Like a bear preparing for hibernation, I’m craving food to put on pounds so that I can sink deeper into the couch, which I’m convinced is getting comfier and comfier due to a few extra pounds on my frame.

The excitement of mtbing in the snow has worn off.  Road rides resulting in grime being sprayed up on me, despite fenders, are less amusing.  Cars passing by and spattering the muck onto my left booty is no longer an embracing of the season.   My beater bike is probably approaching the point of taking one too many beatings.

Ah, the Midwestern winter!  It grinds on you.  If you let it, it’ll grind you all the way down to dullness.  To prevent that from happening, it helps to think of better days to come.  Daydreaming…

A list of road trips for this year, I hope, include:

Arkansas’ IMBA Epics–been on the list for a while.  Gotta check ’em off.

Michigan’s IMBA Epics–when I moved to IN, I thought:  High-Country and Copper Harbor are now closer.  Time’s gettin’ short out here.

Michaux–never tire of going back.  Some new stuff to find as well.

Southwest–it’s the getaway year in the 2 year cycle of Holidays-with-family or Holidays-road-trip.

Another way to get through the doldrums?  Go see these beauties!

The Farm at Prophetstown, Indiana

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