Not All That Great?

Last evening a report on the television news commented that pregnant women in the U.S. likely have 40+ toxins in their bodies, and suggested that they should eat organic food and keep dust out of their houses to prevent additional contamination.

The report forgot to suggest that the women should hold their breath when they walk out the front door and hope for the best.



The stuff produced in the factories of space and time
Is not all that great.  Bring some wine, because
The sweet things of this world are not all that great.

–Hafez, from The World Is Not All That Great (translation by Robert Bly)


Singletrack is sweet, but not all that great?


Makwa Trail, Wisconsin


Wondo Genet, Ethiopia

Okay, maybe singletrack is not all that great when looking at the bigger picture.  That picture doesn’t fit on the webpage though, and it doesn’t fit in my mind and soul, not completely, and it’s not cropped and clean with shiny gloss.

Singletrack + Big Picture ???s + Not Enough Room + Messy and Not Glossy = Yep, My World is Not All That Great.

Singletrack High, when the questions are lost to living in that moment of flow,  feels great though!


(I turned off the TV and looked at some trail maps of upcoming trips.)

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