Winter Riding Clothes

Here’s what I do:  I finish a hard 20-25 mile winter road ride, or maybe a lap or two on the local dirt/snow trails, and strip down to my skivvies on the porch and hang my clothes over my bike to “dry” until the next ride.  My thinking is that because the overnight temperatures dip into the teens or twenties, and sometimes into single digits, my perspiration freezes and crystallizes, ready to be shaken out in the morning when I wake at 5:00.

Does that really remove the sweat from my clothes?  I don’t  know.  My riding clothes seem to not smell like they did when I wore clothes for five consecutive days of wrestling practice, hanging them in a locker for a week at a time during high school.  Maybe the dry air of Midwestern winter sucks the body funk out of the fabric?  I don’t know.

Whatever it is, winter riding clothes are good for 3-4 rides before needing to go into the washing machine.

Hangin' Out to Dry

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