MTB Poetry


a northwest wind blows across the prairie-
the one that made snow in MN and WI 2 days ago-
when the sun is covered by the clouds
i am able to feel the icyness of the flakes as
i pedal hard head down and standing-hunch, hovering
over the saddle, acclimatizing for the coming winter
with my face uncovered and shoes bootieless
slightly stinging face and fingers coverd by gloves
toes are beginning to feel a little cold as the cranks
turn faster after turning south with maybe a little
push from the wind every now and then until it
gusts up and demands that i lower my right shoulder
and lean into it ever so slightly so that the lean angle
and the wind velocity balance me out, wheels rolling
Blowing in the Wind
The eastern-most region of the native prairie from the times of the First Nations, Restoration Project, Prophetstown State Park, IN

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