Ojibwe and Makwa

Last year a local outfitter that took us out for a day’s kayaking journey along the coastal cliffs and arches of Wisconsin’s Apostle Islands said, “if it’s mountain biking that you love, you need to check out the CAMBA trails.” 

I didn’t forget.  A year later, I did.

After watching the sun set for over two hours from behind the wheel (latitudes and westward movement), we finally pulled into Hayward.  Six point five hours later, I was out of bed and gathering my things, including the full sus rig, and stepping out of the hotel room.  Sure, I ask myself, “why not stay in bed?”  And, ” if you stay in bed, will you be pleased with yourself three hours from now?”

I loaded the bike onto the top of the car and went back inside.  I tossed a hard-boiled egg into my mouth, and wrapped a cheese danish and a cherry danish with a napkin.  I filled my travel mug with terrible coffee.

Thirty minutes later I had sustenance of some sort in my stomach, and was excrementing by the side of the gravel parking lot of the recently defunct ski resort in Cable.  (I have a stash of tp in the trunk, always.) 

I quickly changed clothes and was on my way. 

The kayak outfitters were 100% correct.  It had been a while since a new trail had wowed me.  Ojibwe did.  After almost thirteen miles of fun, winding and rolling trail with the sometimes technicality of some rocks and roots, all to myself, I wanted to go for a second turn.  I was happier than when I woke at 5:30.

—-I like riding alone. Solo rider.  Well, solo if you’re talking about humans.  Trees, squirrels, bugs, birds.—-

This region of the world is also home to The Birkie.  Winter is embraced.  If you’re cold while out xc skiing or snowshoeing, you go here:

A Warming Hut

Ojibwe gets my highest highest recommendation.  

I finished up and had a stomach grooooowwwwwwwl going on.  I went back to the hotel and ate a big belgian waffle, a helping of biscuits and gravy, a yogurt cup, some apple juice, more bad coffee, and some spiced black tea on the way out.  Some forty minutes later, I was ready for the next trail.

I was dropped off at the Makwa Trailhead.  Another near 13 miles sat in the forest before me.  Note:  The Birkie runs through Seeley, WI too.

Off I Go!

If you want to smile for an hour or more, ride Makwa Trail.  I’ll leave it at that. 

North Woods Dreamin'

CAMBAtrails dot org, if you’ve not been already.

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  1. It sounds like a lot of fun

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