We got up early to spend the day in Zion National Park.  As always, Zion didn’t disappoint us.  This was our first time there in winter. 

After hiking all morning, I had a burrito at lunch that on the plate was physically bigger than my stomach.  I ate the whole thing.

Stuffed, we walked around town a little. 

“Nice to meet you, Stoneman.”

I needed to ride.  Around 4:00 I was at the Chinle Trail parking area off Anasazi Way between Springdale and Rockville.  I had an hour or so to turn the pedals before getting back to the hotel for hot tub sunset-watching.

Rockville Bench, as it’s known, or “Slickrock Swamp,” is the perfect little network of trails while staying in Zion for taking care of that hankering to mtb after hiking, etc.

After climbing up through clusters of trophy homes on Chinle, I made way to the BLM land and cruised on out to the slickrock.

The air was cool, the sun was warm-to-cooling, and 57 minutes later, I had my fix and was feeling lighter in the stomach too.

Hot Tub View

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