A snowflake fell as I headed out of the parking lot up to the Amasa Back trailhead.  Then another fell. 

A few minutes later, as I crossed the creek bed with water in solid form and headed up the trail, a nice light dusting of snow was falling from the grey sky.  If I was going to have my first Moab mountain biking experience, it was going to have to be in the snow.

I climbed up the slickrock, occasionally not seeing the white blazes that were nearly invisible under the two-to-three snowflake deep snow.  Traction was fine, other than when the trail consisted of snow pack from the storm that passed through two weeks ago.

By the time I was up on the back side, the snow had stopped.  I took a few photos:

On the way back down, the snow started up again.  I followed my ascension tracks.  Looking out at the big walls in the snow shower, I was content in the moment.

At the frozen creek, I pedaled across and rode and hike-a-biked back up the ledge to the dirt road that was now snowy.   

Two hours in the saddle made for a great day.

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