Gooseberry Mesa’s Good to Go, They Say

Incessant:  daily checking, every couple hours when not sleeping, in fact, of the weather forecast on several inet sites for Hurricane, UT. 

“How are things lookin’?”

“Today, I can sorta confidently say that I will be able to ride Gooseberry Mesa next week, and the JEM/Goulds Rim/Hurricane Rim Trails loop.  The 3 websites are in agreement:  some sun, some clouds, maybe more cloudy than sunny on Wednesday, temps around 52, but no precipitation in sight, as of now.”

“Sounds good!”

“And, I called Zion and a local touring company and both voices on the other end of the line said that Gooseberry maybe has some snow on it now, but it’ll melt away by the weekend because they’re having warm, sunny days in the mid-50s.  They say it’ll dry out by the time I get there, and from what they’re hearing, no rain/snow in the forecast through next week.”

“It’s gonna work out.”

(the not-knowing has taken away some hours of sleep)

“What about Santa Fe?”

“Too far out…I’m not sure.  I’m hoping we can at least ride the lower Dale Ball trails, but if not, maybe we’ll go to White Mesa.”

“We can go snowshoeing!”

“Maybe both!”

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