Herb Blossom Fresh

I ripped some cilantro from the pot

on the back stoop and threw it into

the heap of black beans and rice

I’m having with my 3rd glass of red wine

No ride this evening because we are having

tropical rains that got their gander up

overnight and have spilled their bowls

at intervals throughout this June day

I dream of orioles in trees and sharing love

as the day goes from spots of blue in the

overcast sky turning to stormy heavens and a

heavy rain that washes away the agony of dreaming

IN Vintage Wine Festival was highlighted by

front row–groupy like–experience of letting

go and bass speakers blowing the hair on my legs

from the Gin Blossoms sound taking us all back to…

Gin Blossoms, IN Vintage Wine Fest, 6-6-09 005

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