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Economies of Scale

This morning on the Today show, the news that I saw consisted of a segment on dating in the recession.  A psychotherapist expert said that when people are down on their luck financially, they seek love.  And one of the ways they’re doing it is by going online. 

Money’s down, online love searching is up.


Yesterday I stood in line for ice cream after an mtb outing.  My body was telling me to give it fat. 

The line was long, moms and dads and their kids seeking some fun in the warm, pre-spring, 70 + degree, southern Indiana, afternoon sun. 


The other news segment on the Today show was about frozen pizzas and which one tasted the best.

I continued folding  the wash, but turned the TV off.


Much is said of “overpopulation” and the inability of a poor “3rd world” mother to feed her “too many” children, a woman with little-to-no access to education, true free markets, family planning, her rights as a human being.  Many studies tell us how her nine kids put a strain on the natural resources around her.


When will the news share with us the true realities of our country’s policies?  When will we become un-numbed to frozen pizza taste tests on the Sunday morning “news?”  Does it matter that we might have to go on a date during Happy Hour instead of late night because the drinks cost a few bucks less?

When will professors and students begin to study the impact of the lives of the family of four eating ice cream in the U.S.A. with the same fervor they do of the Ethiopian woman living in the highlands of Tigray?

When will the 2 come together?  News about what is important.

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