Full Moon Light

A moon filled with shine beams in our sky this night, the twenty-fourth of April in the year two thousand and five.  Round pale yellow-to-white slides over the earth, if we allow ourselves to believe in our child’s dream.


Maybe before-summer dew will gather on a blade of warmth-invigorated grass.  And an owl will wizen us to go into the night, and seek to know the darkness. 




To go in the dark with a light is to know the light./

To know the dark, go dark.  Go without sight,/

and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,/

and is traveled by dark feet and wings./


“To Know the Dark”

Wendell Berry




If the light of the world professed by the prophets is belief in a God, does living with a belief in a God in a world that is filled with darkness hinder your cognizance of knowing the darkness? 


Are you able to see “blooms and sings” of darkness?  Or do you look at the darkness and find not the light?


Are you seeing the light only? 




Mother moon looking down upon us, humanity, casts a light making safer our passage into the dark, though not without travail.  The tree in the full moon night casts a shadow that stretches long and narrow. 


We can walk over the stretching, our accumulated steps small.  Or we can walk along the shadow’s length, adding up steps. 




Do we hope that the sky will be clear so that we may witness a full moon?  And if we do stand witness, do we desire to testify its beautiful fullness?  Is its fullness defined by looking up, or is better defined by looking around?


Do we not care one way or another if the sky is clear?




Trees bloom tonight and crickets and frogs sing.  Field mice scurry and bats take flight.  Women, men, and children living in darkness around the world understand the knowing of their existence. 


The light is their hope, not their comfort.  They bed down each night in the shadows, the long, stretching shadows that we walk over in a few short steps. 

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