Life is Raining

a break in the rains breathes

calm on the leaves being

drenched in water from the

clouds that knew no rest


love passes on from this life

complicated and not fully

understood why it is as it is

though maybe eased in the

understanding that new life

has blossomed among us all


water drips off of leaves

and a cooler air blows

the mist that has now

started to lay upon my toes


everything appears to have

taken on a livelier green

from the life giving rains

reminding me of forgiveness

and the resilience of life that

sometimes seems impossible

in its ability to overcome


a few roses open their faces

to the sky though i am not

quite sure they are agape


one love is why we are here

but one love cannot be

defined one way because

to do so would be to limit

ourselves in the possibility

that heaven is here on earth


the clouds have lightened

the mist has changed direction

in its falling from above but

the roses are still looking up

with the same droplets of water

and a few more on their petals


the leaves on the trees continue

 to drip water on the grass below

gathering it on their blades and

directing it to the soil where

it will pass on as new life

1 comment on “Life is Raining

  1. Feels like a meditation to me. One that leaves you hopeful for love and what life may bring.

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