Love of Canadian Highs in August

the other evening, not too unlike

this evening when the coolness

of a canadian high blankets itself

on the late summer corn of indiana

i put my book down after an hour of

reading in the hammock on the front porch

and watched the leaves blowing in the

breeze that brought a chill to my skin


thinking of you and how the life we are

sharing is something that could never have

been imagined or fantasized or dreamed of


the leaves are blowing again and this time i

am sitting in a plastic adirondack chair on

the front porch with scarlet begonias and

a glass of wine sitting next to me on an old

wooden feed box i took from my family’s farm 


as surely as the north winds break up summer’s

humidity so too does the freshness of new

beginnings on the time-worn life that each

of us has lived over the past couple of years


the seasons do change with ease and abruptness

and so do we, if only we could understand it more

naturally and accept that it is necessary to bring

about the newness of life that is who we are every

day when we wake in the morning and kiss the

sweet world with the madness of passioned lovers

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