Mornings in Abuja

The other morning while waiting in the parking lot around 9:00 we heard and felt a loud explosion from across the street.  It vibrated my rib cage. 

One guy said a barrel exploded, and that he saw it fly into the air.  Others were saying it was a car tire.  Some said they saw people running away holding their hands over their faces.


Today I woke to screams of “fire!”  I pulled back the curtain and looked out from my room.  People were running into the hotel.  Pants and shirt were quickly put on, and I ran into the hallway.  Men were running down to the lobby with fire extinguishers.  I followed.

Receptionist:  “It’s the gas station.”

Me:  “What? The gas station is on fire.” 

Receptionist:  “It’s over there.  I’m not sure.”

The gas station is right beside the hotel.  If it were to explode, the hotel would be leveled. 

I step outside and hear the fire extinguishers. 

“It’s only a car,” a passer-by says casualy.

Satisfied with his cool-calm-and-collected behavior, I walked back to my room, told my wife what was up and got a shower.


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  1. princehondo

    in the case of a fire…a shower’s not a bad place to be.
    careful, aleros.

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