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Returning to Africa with Hafiz

Three years ago this July, we set off to Africa for the first time.  Six months later, we left Africa, not knowing if/when we would be back.  I sit here tonight less than twenty-four hours from flying to Ethiopia and Nigeria again. 

A very bright, nearly full moon sits in the early night sky above the neighborhood where I grew up.  A peaceful, low-humidity sunset has slipped away, only to return another summer day.

In the morning, another journey begins.  I know not what will occur over the next six weeks.   My wish to our family and friends who will follow along with us:



I am full of love tonight

Come look into my eyes, and let’s go off

Sailing, my dear, on a long ocean ride.


This world will not touch you,

I will keep you snug upon my seat.


Let’s plot

To make that moon jealous

With a radiance leaping from your cheek.


I will be full of love tonight,

come look into these ancient eyes!


And let’s go off sailing, my dear,

With our spirits intertwined.


Your body is just an old sandbar

In a speeding hourglass of time.


Love will turn the mouth of sorrow

Right side up.


Let your heart commence its destined

Laughing chime!


Hafiz will be brimful of love tonight,

Why ever be shy?


Come look into the playful eyes of my verse,

They are eternally branded,

Branded with

The Sun!

 (by Hafiz)




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