The Spring and Summer Hour

Oh the joy of light going later into the night.  The afternoon stays around and the eve lingers longer.  With a turn of the hour hand, we create a day that makes most of us happier.

Orange and red sunsets will give sailors much delight.  Farmers will plant and sow their fields.  Baseball diamonds will be occupied by both young and older alike.  Trees will leaf out.  Darkening shadows will be cast. 

Fishing lines will zip across the air.  Bugs will buzz by and by.  Birds will roost in the neighbor’s tree, and neigbors will stop to talk about the roosting birds.  Couples will walk to lose winter’s pounds.

Hikers will take to the trails.  Backpackers will camp out under the stars.  Swimmers will glide through lakes, rivers, and ponds.  Bike tires will roll over pavement, street, and dirt. 

Sunflowers will bloom, and backyard gardens will boom.  Tomatoes will shine red.  Sweet corn will reach for the sky.  Berries will ripen.  Peaches will plump up. 

Lightning will pierce the stormy night.  Rains will replenish the sun-scorched earth.  Humidity will break as a Canadian high moves in.

Weddings will be celebrated.  Picnics will abound.  Holidays will be welcomed with libations, food, and family games of volleyball.  Grills will cook up Bar-B-Qued ribs and chicken.  

The O’s will be on.  We will sweat.  We will sit outside for a chance of catching a breath of fresh air.

We will pass time at the Treat.  Soft ice cream will cool us.  We will yearn for cooler days, but never for less daylight. 


And on and on…Really, the good things that come with turning the clocks up one hour are innumerable.  I am tired of waiting for warming weather.

I have submitted to the notion that I am getting older.  Why else would this winter have gotten to me the way it did?  Add to that this week’s cold and rain, and I will be the first to say that the next seven months are better than the previous five. 

From now until late october, all is good.


(written 4 April 2004)

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