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A Few Bumper Stickers

I love bumper stickers!  Other than the car itself, there is probably no better way for a driver to express him/her-self than by putting a sticker with a message on his/her car’s hindside. 

I especially like political ones.  I abhor derogatory ones.  General feel good bumper stickers are always appreciated.  Vehicles plastered in stickers are both exhilarating and frustrating; I never get to read them all.

If you encounter anyone speeding up and getting dangerously close to your car, it is probably me trying to read your bumper sticker.

All this being said, I have taken it upon myself to contribute to the world of bumper stickers.


Do Your Kids A Favor, Discipline Them

Support Local Economies, Drink Local Beers

Hug Your Wife

Be Intellectual, Vote Nader

Be Smart, Vote Kerry

Be Dumb, Vote Bush

Help The Family Farmer, Buy From Roadside Stands

Remember.  Jesus Turned Water Into Wine

My Kid Is An Honor Student At…Big Deal

Green Is Good

Support Your Local Library

Viva Zapata

Ex-Yer-Size, Exercise

History (His-story), What About Her-Story?

Grass-stained Knees Are Great

Hemp = Paper, Trees = Breeze

For Tomorrow, Vote Nader

For Now, Vote Kerry

For Yesterday, Vote Bush

Read A Book

If This City Had Biking Lanes…

Turn Off The T.V., Turn On Your Kids

School Budgets That Cannot Afford Textbooks, Military Budgets Thicker Than Stacks Of Textbooks


If anyone decides to take the next step with any of these potential bumper sticker sayings, you have my ok.  The only thing I ask in compensation is that you provide me with as many stickers as I may need to get any of these messages out there on the cars of the good ol’ U.S.A.


(written 14 March 2004)

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