When a leaf changes color, does it change you?

Does the sky heaven seem as believable to you now as it did when you were a child?

Is a “crazy” man on the street more free than you and I?

Why do birdsongs–if we take the time to listen to them–have the ability to “lift” us?

When a mother sheds tears of joy for her children, is it just a biophysical reaction?

How is it that a field of corn can look so incredibly natural?

When a leaf changes color, does it change you?

Does watermelon juice on your chin satisfy you?

Why do we care about outer space and not our inner space?

Does a full moon excite you, or does it humble you?

If we were all brothers and sisters, wouldn’t we love each other despite that we may hate certain things about each other?

Does an African child’s death send reverberations across the ocean?

Why do we entomb and fill our bodies with chemicals so that we cannot return to dust?

When the frogs are silenced, is it a precursor to our coming silence?

Why do we allow ourselves to believe that wind exists if we cannot see it, though we can feel it…but we doubt that LOVE exists?

What precisely is the magic of music?

Are smiles a way for souls to argue for their existence?

What if we viewed sunsets as being the beginning of night instead of being the end of the day?

Do sunflowers make you smile?

When you walk in the woods, does it make “job” sound empty?

When you drive by a natural body of water, does your adrenaline flow because you are thinking about how great it would be to jump in?

Is a trailhead your path to home?

Why is a seeing a shooting star an occurence that stops  us in our tracks?

Does the image of snow on a pine bough provide you a feeling of warmth?

When an infant laughs, why do we innately begin to make irrecognizable sounds to her or him?

Do you measure time in years or life happenings?

Can a person who never receives love be able to give love?

Why is a rainy day an ugly day and a sunny day a beautiful day?

When you go to bed at night, do you stop to think that
you might not see the morning sunrise?

Does a sunrise make you give thanks?


(written 2 September 2001)

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