Winter Songs: PA and Mojave

Pennsylvania Winter

the wind bites,
ripping your face
while the white sun
tries to warm you

snow lays on the
hard ground
ice forms on the
creek beds

hot breath turns
cold, vaporizing
into a cloud
before you

wool socks on
feet, thick hat
on head, fleece
gloves on hands

snow angels, snow
forts, snow balls,
sledding, ice
skating, skiing

wishing for days
off school,
weather report
calls for snow

hot chocolate,
hot soup, hot
embers burning
in the fireplace

’tis a winter
wonderland in
the woods of ol’
Bill Penn



Mojave Winter

the warm sun
shines down on
the desolate
brown landscape

joshua trees
point to the
clear blue sky

skin is warm
to the touch,
though a bit
dry and itchy

sandals on feet,
shorts on hips,
t-shirt on body,
sunglasses on face

hiking, mountain
biking, trail
running, back

wishing for days
off school,
watching the
high winds report

cool night sky
filled with as
many stars as
sand grains below

’tis a desert
wonderland in
high desert


(written 7 January 2001)

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