Going in Search of Love: 3 Poems


i arrived and wanted
to stay and dig my way in
like an earthworm

and i did for a time
the proverbial rains keeping
the life ground saturated

that is until the pestilence
and dry superficiality of
work drained the life ground dry

and i the earthworm started
going deeper in search of
those proverbial rains

but i could not find them
in the work place
and became dry myself

then the non-proverbial rains
came and soaked the life ground
with their truth and honesty

so i started moving back
through the life ground
twisting, turning outward

and i found the new air
and i tasted the nutrients
and i found myself again

i the earthworm am soaking
in the non-proverbial rains
and am intoxicated by them

it has been raining for weeks
and there seems to be no
sign of a hot dry sun tomorrow

i see nothing but the wet grass
as i slide the cusp of the
life ground below my belly

i am sliding with ease
no stopping nor sticking
just a smooth movement

upward and outward i go
in search of the
non-proverbial rains

may they rain down on me
for a lifetime
a happy wet earthworm


(no title)

don’t be sad
it’s only a couple
of tomorrows and a
handful of yesterdays
before i’ll be back
again today



again i go
knowing i’ll be
when will the
going turn to
the coming


(written 23 July 2000)

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