Dark Lord Day 2008

Arrival time: 10:15 a.m.

Windy, chilled to the bone

Shivering a bit

1000s of pilgrims in line

With coolers of cheer

To get them through the wait


Gates open at 11:00

Roar goes up from the crowd

Friends, old and new

Passing the time together

“So much for the improved

Lines over last year”

Getting warmer, not

Shivering but still windy

Closer to the front means

Two hours have gone by

In a line waiting to buy

Three Floyds Dark Lord

Russian Style Imperial Stout

Says the label on the

Bottle from Munster

Indiana’s famed brewery


Purchase time:  2:00 p.m.

Hour on the clock, plus

Some minutes later

Dark Lord was in a box

Bought and paid for

By one pilgrim that will

Not make the pilgrimage



3 comments on “Dark Lord Day 2008

  1. Thank you. for this post

  2. Brilliant post. I’m jealous that you were one of the fortunate to have purchased a box.

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