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Watching American Idol Give Back

Cue the scenes of sorrow

War, famine and disease

Dying, poor, and dirt

Dilapidated shacks, burden


Cue the “African” music

The sunshine and singing

Children with big smiles

Mixed with sad eyed faces

Clapping and dancing


Cue the plea for money

Any amount will help

Five dollars goes far

Please, send something

Staring eyes fill the screen




Nigeria’s literary and music masters

Achebe, Soyinka, Okri and Adichie

Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade

Afro-beat and ju-ju


Advanced civilizations

And influential empires

Lalibela, Gondar and Axum 

The Great Zimbabwe




When we see all of Africa

We will see ourselves

More completely and

Not see victims but

Human beings, living 

2 comments on “Watching American Idol Give Back

  1. Ginger Morton

    Bonnie, this is so true! When I went to Mozambique, Africa a year ago I was simply captivated by the way they cook. They would first place stones down for the large pots of rice and beans. Next, they placed long pieces of wood in a circle with ends pointing to the middle of where the fire would be. (like spokes going to the middle of a wheel) From some place unknown, live coals were brought and placed in the middle for the fire. Large pots filled to the brim were placed on top. A perfect boil was kept by temperature adjustments of pushing wood in or pulling it out as was needed. There was certainly no need for an oven or microwave there! They were just living life and it worked. Thank you, Bonnie, for giving another needed angle of Africa.

  2. Jimmy – I love the poem. Perfect, actually.

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