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The Comma after Sex and Violence (,)—the Golden Rule

 President Bush recently stated that all the recent problems in Iraq, the war, that this time in our lives will be nothing more than a comma in the history books.  Hmm.  Let’s think about that comma. 
The Iraq War comma:  more than 2700 dead American soldiers reduced to a punctuation mark in a book.  A hundred thousand Iraqi lives destroyed.  And our president, our leader, says it’s all nothing more than a comma in a history book.  Colorado and Lancaster Co. schools have nightmares rain down on them.  Two men.  Two men with guns.  Two men with guns seeking to sexually violate young girls.  Surely there’s a comma here. 
The Violence Against Women comma:  More men commit violent crimes than do women.  Often they occur against women.  October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   Mark Foley seeks underage boys to fulfill his sexual fantasies.  Once caught, he says he has alcohol problems.  Then he says he was abused by a clergyman.  Then he says he’s gay.  What does this comma have to say? 
The WTF comma:  Alcohol is not the reason for being attracted to the male gender.  Being abused by a man as a boy does not turn you into a gay man.  Growing up in an organized religion that says homosexuality is a sin, and a political party that does the same, likely has more to do with Foley’s secret life than the priest or the bottle. While covering the Foley scandal, Fox News decides that the resigned Congressman is not a Republican.  Next to his name under his face on the bottom half of the screen, Fox News while covering the story writes:  Rep. Mark Foley (D-FL).  This comma is glaring. 
The False Media comma:  With one stroke of the keyboard, Fox News decided that the gay guy who likes to talk dirty with teenage boys is a Democrat.  A typo?  Simple mistake?  More like—let’s see how many dumb viewers we can get to think that Foley was a Democrat despite the whole country knowing he is a Republican.                                               
I once saw a poster that had the “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself” lesson spelled out in many languages and in the words of the world’s major religions/spiritual philosophies.  Let’s apply the Golden Rule to the commas. 
The Golden Rule and the Iraq War comma:  Lay down the guns of war.  Accept defeat.  Staying the course is not working.  Listen to the majority of Iraqi people who are saying they want the U.S. to leave.  But, who will get to write the comma of a lost war? 
The Golden Rule and the Violence Against Women comma:  When will we begin noticing that men and guns can be a deadly combo, especially when women and sexual violence is involved?  Why do the media not point out that in two schools in two weeks two men heavily armed themselves and sought out young girls for sexual violence?  Where’s our national forum on violence against women?  When will men speak out against other men who are violent towards women? 
The Golden Rule and the WTF comma:  Being gay is not a sin.  When will our society allow homosexuals the comfort and welcoming they need to be themselves?  When will we not use sexual misconduct as a political dagger?  Do older men who prey on minors not remember their years of youth, and think about how their actions will ruin lives?  If organized religions and political parties want to be the moral compass on sexuality, why not teach:  sex is something we all seek/need/desire, not too unlike animals, but the difference for us humans is that we can humanize sex and turn it into love by engaging in our partner’s happiness, by making love to our loved ones in a way that their satisfaction is more important than ours, meaning it’s not about “me,” but about “her/him.” 
The Golden Rule and the False Media comma:  Stop presenting lies and do an honest and earnest job at seeking the truth.  
 (written 8 October 2006)   

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