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A Few Ribbons We Don’t See on Cars Around Town

A lot of folks have those ribbon magnets on the backs and sides of their cars and trucks these days. Most came out of the war effort to show support for the troops and to ask God to bless our country.  Of course, like all things trendy, there are more and more ribbons that have come about for all kinds of causes.  It seems that everyone and anyone have at least one ribbon on their vehicle; we can all find something that resonates with us.
 I don’t exactly know what is being said by the ribbon on the car.  I guess it’s a way to show that you believe in something, which isn’t altogether a bad thing.  I do hope that whatever money is being spent on the ribbons actually goes to their respective causes. Though, where would the money go for the “God Bless the USA” ribbons?  
Maybe we could send that to families that lost their innocent, loved ones in Iraq. Keeping on this ribbon theme, I’ve decided to add a few that might be nice to see on the cars across this country.  A few ribbons for us of a social justice, political bend:            
 A white ribbon that says “Bless Us All”
 A ribbon in Iraq’s flag colors that says “Bless the People of Iraq” 
A white ribbon that says “Support Peace” 
A black ribbon with red letters that says “Oil is Bloody” 
A rainbow-colored ribbon that says “Image and Likeness of God…Homosexuals too” 
A green ribbon that says “Stop Killing Mother Earth” 
A white cross with black letters that says “Stop Pedophilia”
 A red ribbon with black letters that says “Support the Search for Osama” 
A pink ribbon that says “Support Equality for Women” 
A blue ribbon that says “Support Clean Water and Air”
 A brown ribbon that says “Immigrants Welcome” 
A camouflage ribbon that says “Collateral Damage is Lost Human Lives”                                                        
If any of you are able to make any of these, I will buy them.  I don’t know if I would have enough room on my car for them all at the same time.  It’s a small car.   Maybe I could have a rotation from week to week.  Or, maybe I will put on whatever ones are more relevant to the day’s news.   Whatever the case, if I ever see such ribbons for sale, I will slap one on my car’s hind side.  
(written 4 June 2006)

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  2. I’ll be in line right behind you to buy those ribbons…I’ve spent many-a-red light reading everyone’s opinions.

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