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Beer Guide to the Trails of Michaux

We are a fickle lot, the mountain bike ridin’ tribe of

society’s flotsam and jetsam.  Sitting around talking

shop and gear and planning the next ride consumes us

as much as we consume the delicacies of fermented

grains while doin’ the talkin’.  Whether it’s hard or

soft tail for such and such trail, and which size tire

and how much pressure, or tights versus baggies, we go at it

with as much enthusiasm as we do over deciding Pale or

India Pale, Stout or Imperial, Porter or Pils.  The

post-ride “wind-down” beverage is never slighted, nor

should it be.


Get me?


Ok.  Let’s do it this way:  a list of home trails

ridden by yours truly, and beers that match the ride.

Fairly easy concept, right?  As we all know, mountain

bikers spend as much time talking about beer as we do

about trails and bikes. 


The place:  Michaux, my home trails.  Those in the

know are aware of the forest named for the French

botanist in southcentral PA.  If you’re coming to ride

for the first time, find these beers to celebrate your

survival after riding the infamous trails of

“me-SHOW.”  Keeping it local, the brews are made here

in the Keystone State.


Grave Ridge = Weyerbacher Heresy.  The whiskey barrels

will help soothe the wounds after riding this super

stout spine of boulders, tombstones and shark fins.


Three Mile = Victory Hop Devil.  Both will bring a

smile to your face.  Enjoy.


Big Flat red trails = Troeg’s Nugget Nectar.  They

squeezed the hops like the trails will squeeze your

bike-handling skills—-for all they’re worth.  Be sure

to ride the reservoir as the sun goes down to

experience the hazy orange color of the ale. 


Teaberry area = Legacy Hedonism.  Because it is indeed

just that.  Trails that fill you with pleasure go on

and on and on. 


Michaux in general = as you sit by the fire aching to

all your bones, and with your tent within crawling

distance, I recommend having a Victory Old Horizontal

Barleywine in your hand.  Likely, you will feel

horizontal in your alignment after riding Michaux for

the first time.  It might just happen that Old

Horizontal will put everything back into place for

you, kind of like two horizontals make it straight. 


There you have it, my guide of Michaux post-ride brews

to you.  Happy ridin’…I mean drinkin’…I mean ridin’

and then drinkin’.


Now it’s your turn.  Send in your beer guide to your

home trails so that when we are on the road, we will

know what to pick up along the way for the trail talk

after the ride.  Remember to keep it local.  The

mantra is “Support local economies, drink local



PS—you can find any of said beers, and hundreds more,

at KClinger’s Tavern in Hanover (,

home to the largest and finest beer inventory this

side of the Mississippi.  It also serves as a fine

spot to end a day trip if heading back south or east

from Michaux.  Nope, I get no free beer for the plug.

Just sharin’ the knowledge.


(published on Dirt Rag’s website on 21 April 2007)

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