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A Few Words of Clarification and a Discount

Hello, everyone!

A few words of clarification about this site, which is my writer’s website, and my new project over at Substack:

If you’re interested in mountain biking adventures and craft/independent beer, most of that content will now be at my Substack newsletter called: MTBeer. Anyone can subscribe to it with an email address. There are options for subscribing: free, monthly payment, and an annual payment. Free gets you some content and a paid subscription gets you everything, including discounts/promos at mountain biking and beer businesses.

Here at this site, once I get vaccinated and things open up to travel, you’ll see more of that kind of content. When I do travel for mountain biking outings again, story lines that are more focused on travel/location/food/things to see and do will appear here. If it’s specific to the trail experience, it’ll be at MTBeer.

Okay, so MTBeer is at this link:

Because people/followers at this site asked me to offer it again, here it is…50% off an annual subscription to MTBeer, bringing it to $15/year and unlocking all promos/discounts from behind the pay wall, as well as my 2 columns and ride guides. Think of it like a magazine subscription that potentially pays you back.


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