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Special MTBeer Rate for Blog Followers

Hello, everyone!

Starting today, MTBeer, my new mountain biking and beer newsletter is open for paid subscription content. The first newsletter will arrive to your email inbox on January 1, 2021. I’m offering a special rate to all of my blog followers since you’ve supported my writings for so darn long! It’s the “family and friends” rate at 50% off, which means you get MTBeer for $15/year. It expires in 3 days, meaning December 26, 2020.

Use this link to get 50% off:

Here’s what you’ll get in your email each month:

Each month you get 2 feature articles on mountain biking destinations/trails and breweries/beer bars/pubs/tasting rooms. The idea is that you’ll have a travel guide of sort to get you started with planning your next adventure.

Each month you get 2 columns. I was a newspaper columnist for many years, starting during my Peace Corps days in Honduras. It’s a writing style that I enjoy, a lot. The 2 columns will be titled Fully Rigid and No Dabs. More coming on those two.

Each month you get random news and musings on beers and breweries, new beers to find, bars/brew pubs around the country I can speak to as places you might want to check out. I’m lining up some interviews, too, with craft beer people.

Each month, you’ll get access to MTBeer promos/discounts at mountain biking and craft beer businesses. The goal here is for all of us to build a little community. Have a favorite brewery/pub you’d like to get on the list? Talk to them and email me. I’ll follow up on it. Same goes for mountain biking businesses.

There you have it. With the MTBeer content, the annual subscriber discount rates, and then the promos/discounts offered by mountain biking and beer businesses, you’re potentially getting more than most magazines offer you. I say that, as a subscriber to a couple of mountain biking and adventure magazines.

MTBeer is different. There is zero corporate influence of any kind here. It’s a newsletter delivered to your email inbox, with no advertisements whatsoever. It’s 100% mountain biking lifestyle/culture/travel and independent craft brewers/beers for after the ride. Social media is not what this is about, not at all. Hopefully, it’s a grassroots kind of vibe that evolves through time.

I will open up the paid subscriber option tomorrow/Wednesday, 23 December 2020. The first paid subscription newsletter will be sent January 1, 2021. You’ll get at least 4 installments each month.

If you know people who would want this kind of newsletter, go ahead and share this with them. If they’re your friends/family, then the MTBeer friends/family grows!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


P.S.–as a hiker/backpacker, too, if you’re reading this and are not a mountain biker, I think you’ll enjoy MTBeer, as nearly all of the trails I bike are open to hikers.

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