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Thank You, Bookstores

Simply publicly thanking two bookstores for selling my books in their stores …

Reader’s Cafe has, for years, carried my books, allowed me to do readings, sign books, etc in their little store on Broadway Street. Located in Hanover, PA–where I got my start by writing for The Evening Sun while in Peace Corps/Honduras–it’s a wonderful little spot to peruse the offerings and have an enjoyable meal and/or cup of hot beverage. Thank you to Derf and his family, along with staff/friends, for your support.  Cheers!

Thank You, Reader’s Cafe

Here in San Diego, CA, I recently learned of Verbatim Books and their support for local authors. More than 200 local authors have books on the shelves of the store, which features used and rare books, along with all of us local writers/authors. There are regular book readings and poets’ nights, as well as open mic nights. In the heart of North Park, you can find my books at Verbatim Books. Thank you, Verbatim Books!

Photo Courtesy of Verbatim Books

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  1. Passport Overused

    Great post 😁

  2. blankpagesofmine

    Very cool! 💯 📚 are your books available for purchase online?

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