A Lotta “Some” Variables

My cheap phone sometimes takes photos that somehow come out looking something like a non-artist’s attempt at a Monet painting. I keep thinking about getting a new-fangled mobile, but I also haven’t let go of the thought: what for?

Maybe I could take better pictures with it. That thought then gets me all wrapped up in the idea of “quality” and Pirsig’s Zen. Ugh!

What say you?! A) Get a new phone, Jim. Or, B) Keep the one you have until it dies.

securedownload[1] (3)

Penasquitos Canyon Waterfall and Downstream, San Diego, CA


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  1. @shane says:

    What mp is you phone camera?


    1. James Murren says:

      I’m guessing somewhere around 1MP!

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      1. @shane says:

        The pictures have a certain style and they don’t look bad. The imperfections create that nice painting type of style. Unless you’re willing to spend money to get 8mp or even 20mp phone cameras.


      2. James Murren says:

        Thanks! That’s a “B” vote!

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