Pilot Rock Climb Mechanicals and Group Ride Thanks

A few years back I flatted climbing up Laurel.  Fellow riders assisted in the fix then, a much appreciated action not forgotten.  This time around, I climbed all the way up to the resting spot before the last push up to Pilot before stopping.  After snacking and hydrating while waiting for the others, I clipped in and pedaled, not realizing the rear ring I was in needed to go grannier.  A quick adjustment and too much push resulted in my first chain break ever.  Eighteen years of mtb and I experienced a first!

Thank goodness I was riding with a group again, as I didn’t have a chain tool in my pack.  I know…

Anyway…a quick lesson from a seasoned mechanic and we were descending Pilot after a few minutes break to take in the view:

The chain held up fine back to the car.  I was endorphin poppin’ while loading up and drinking a beer.  Except for the switchbacks by the vista that we walked, I rolled ’em all, and navigated the rock garden.  Now if I could just make that climb sans problemas!

(P.S.–Climbing Laurel is a zen ride.  I “wake up” on that trail from what seems like a non-thinking states of being while turning the pedals.)

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