Far from the Cubicle

The weather forecast had cleared, as did my work schedule.  An open invitation more than a few months old to go mtbing in western Carolina was going to expire in a few days.  A road trip was in sight.  I turned in my vacation forms, freeing myself for a few days from the cube.

From Lafayette passing by Cincy on through Lexington around Knoxville and down past Asheville to the airport exit off 26, in eight hours I had traveled from the flat farmlands of northwest Indiana to the foothills of the Smokies.  I turned into the Days Inn parking lot and got a room. 

Morning came quick.  The local weather person talked of 2-3 inches of rain that had fallen in the region over the past 2 days.  The afternoon was going to reach into the 70s and sunshine was to be seen all weekend.  Heartened, I figured the bottoms would be wet, but the trails on the ridges would likely be dry; Appalachian sandstone drains well. 

I met up with the others, and then we set up camp.  The air was warming.  Before long, we were on our way to Dupont. 

High Swift Water = No Crossing

Modern transportation technologies allow for travel of the body and mind.  Mountain bikes fueled by quads take you far…

High Falls, Dupont State Forest, NC
Triple Falls

The riding was great.  The scenery was splendid.  The weather was perfect.  Yep…one of those days…

The cubicle was faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away.

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